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Discovering the Marmilla and the jar park, between nature and flavours

Don't miss the landscape views of Marmilla, Trexeta, Sarcidano and Arborea, in the heart of central southern Sardinia, characterized by gentle basalt plateaus created about 2 and a half million years ago, called Giara, Jara in Sardinian.

The jar, designated a SIC site (Site of Community Interest) since 1995, extends for approximately 45 square kilometers and is inhabited by over 350 botanical species and more than a hundred animal species. Among all, that of the Horse of the Jar, Equus caballus jarae is certainly the most representative and well-known species of this magical place with a strong naturalistic connotation.

During the excursion in the heart of the jar, you will notice different natural environments, from cork oak woods to the Mediterranean scrub to the garrigue, prairie and meadows. Depending on the season, you will discover the eating habits of the little horses of the jar: in spring and winter the natural depressions of the jar called Paulis fill with rainwater and become precious natural reserves of water for all the animals and especially for the wild horses. In these precious water reserves are born the aquatic buttercups that the little horses feed on during the spring. In this period the scenery becomes truly breathtaking. During the summer and autumn, however, the little horses and other wild animals that inhabit the jar climb up the plateaus and look for water in some natural springs.

After the excursion into the heavenly landscape of the Giara, let yourself be delighted by a rich platter of local zero-mile products: cured meats and cheeses accompanied by local wine, they will be an excellent chance to get to know this fascinating area better.

Duration approximately 6 hours
Private car or minivan Qualified tour guide
Entrance to Parco della Giara and local specialties tasting of zero km
Starting from 2 people
Available all year round

This experience can be booked either exclusively (with min. 2 people) or in groups of 15 or more.

The prices indicated are per person for groups. To find out the prices of the exclusive experience, contact me.

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