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Who is Ninon?

Hello, I'm Anna, a tourist guide to a wonderful and magical island of the Mediterranean, Sardinia.

In March 2018 I decided to open a travel agency and tour operator to realize the dream of creating tailor-made trips for those, who like to travel like me.

As a travel agent I offer both classic and also tailored trips and this is the part that most amuses me, because the demands change always and I find that very stimulating.

I love my land and I am fascinated by different lands. Every time I plan a trip, an excursion or a weekend for one of my clients, I feel like traveling myself. In fact, every time I organize a trip it's as if I'm organizing it for myself and that's why you can rely on my attention to detail and my creativity.

I have years of experience as a tour guide and I know the needs of the traveler not only as a traveler but also as a guide. I also have several specialized collaborators each in a well-defined field and that are an integral part of my network, that I want to offer you.

Why choose Ninon?

When I thought about the name of my agency, I was looking for something to represent me and my name. So I find out that in French the diminutive of Anna is Ninon, it sounded good to me and I decided to make it mine.

But the biggest surprise arrived, when looking for images of Ninon on google, I frequently find flowers, beautiful flowers, with a simple but steadfast aesthetics, elegant and of various colors and shades.

I discover that Ninon is a flower of the clematis family and curious to know its meaning, I look for information.

Here came my greatest amazement: I discover that in England the flower Ninon is given to travelers as an auspice to wish a good trip. I thought I dreamed but it actually was all true: the name that sounded so good, had reserved me a breathtaking surprise. I am convinced that nothing happened by chance and because of this fact, I strongly wanted the travel agency of my dreams to be called Ninon.

This brief but significant story contains my approach to life and travel: I initially dream of the journey, then I outline the main qualities it must have to make me really dream and once I identify them, I throw myself head first to realize that dream called travel.

He was really right, who sad, that you live a trip three times: first when you dream about it, then while you do it and lastly when you remember it.

And I add that, as we can remember facts and travels whenever we want, well, then we can always relive a dream trip , so we just have to collect as many travels as possible :-)

Luogosanto, the sacred medieval village in the heart of Gallura

Visiting Luogosanto means immersing yourself in a spiritual and peaceful place, in contact with the tradition and nature of Gallura.


Tour in Alghero, the only Catalan city in Sardinia

Alghero, known as Barceloneta, is the only Catalan city in Sardinia. It overlooks the northwest coast of the island and its promenade will leave you speechless


Bonifacio, a tour in the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte

Discovering Bonifacio, with its unmistakable French architectural style, with the historical passages of King Carlo Quinto and Napoleone Bonaparte


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