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Luogosanto, the sacred medieval village in the heart of Gallura

Visiting Luogosanto means immersing yourself in a spiritual and peaceful place, in contact with the tradition and nature of Gallura.


Tour in Alghero, the only Catalan city in Sardinia

Alghero, known as Barceloneta, is the only Catalan city in Sardinia. It overlooks the northwest coast of the island and its promenade will leave you speechless


Bonifacio, a tour in the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte

Discovering Bonifacio, with its unmistakable French architectural style, with the historical passages of King Carlo Quinto and Napoleone Bonaparte


Ninon Tales

What to do in Alghero: through history and tradition, to discover the Catalan city

Imagine a beautiful September day with an accomplice sun, that warms up the soul. We are in the north-west coast of Sardinia to visit Alghero, also known as Barceloneta. Oh yes, b...


The inland of Gallura: not just beaches!

The hinterland of Gallura is a fascinating place that still preserves the most authentic soul of north-eastern Sardinia. Crossing it means discovering expanses of vineyards altern...