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Sardinia is a very vast island full of fantastic opportunities to spend dream holidays according to your expectations and needs.

Each of its corners is unique and original, it can always be different and will surprise you not only from season to season but also kilometer after kilometer.

In the collective imagination since the dawn of travel for tourism that began between the 17th and 18th centuries, Sardinia was idealized as a distant destination with exotic connotations, firstly because it is an island and then because it is close to Africa.

Only from the 1700s did the first travelers arrive, intrigued by such an isolated land and told its most characteristic aspects in their logbooks, sometimes distorting reality a little. Taking a leap into modern times, this exoticism and magic continues to be perceived in the collective imagination. If we think of the writer Marcello Serra who called Sardinia "almost a continent", thus titling one of his books dedicated to the island. Or the singer Fabrizio De Andrè, a close-knit visitor to the island, who claimed that "life in Sardinia is perhaps the best that a man can wish for".

A land to be discovered and visited in depth, because it still hides a proud and exotic soul rich in ancient traditions and customs, the result of ancient cultural mixtures still alive and strongly present in everyday life.

In Sardinia you will find tradition more than folklore, every place you visit will amaze you, because it just waits to be discovered and experienced.

Are you planning to visit Sardinia and you don't know exactly where to start? Discover my personalized consultancy service for the realization of your trip to Sardinia. I will save you precious time to fully experience the island, all at moderate prices. From air and naval ticket offices, hotel reservations to excursions and tastings in local restaurants and cellars.

Do you want to visit Sardinia alone, with your family or with your group of friends and are you looking for suggestions or guidelines to navigate the infinite offers you find on the web? I know Sardinia with all its peculiarities and I can suggest you the itinerary, accommodation or restaurant that best suits your needs. With me you will find active listening, attention to detail and tailored advice.

Have you never been to Sardinia, do you have little time to choose from many options and above all try to have a memorable experience at affordable prices? I put at your disposal all my experience and knowledge of the destination Sardinia to give you the best that my land can offer, saving your time and selecting for you the services you are looking for at affordable prices.

Or have you already been to Sardinia several times but haven't visited a specific area or do you have a great curiosity about a particular topic? Write to me and you will discover the best itineraries tailored for you and based on the time you have available: even just a single day, a half day or a weekend. Or again: have you found time to spend in Sardinia at the last moment and are you afraid of not finding accommodation suitable for your needs or not finding a flight or ship ticket? Don't panic, write to me and I'll help you solve this and other difficulties.

Are you arriving with a cruise ship in the port of Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Alghero or Cagliari and do you look for an excursion full of experience even if you only have little time available?

Contact me to find out the best experience for you, including guided tours, tastings in local wine cellars or typical farmhouses, cultural excursions with qualified guides, hilarious urban trekking, water or extreme sports, and much more. I wait for you.

I want to give you an idea in short of the services I can offer you to better enjoy your holiday in Sardinia.

You can write to me in the language of your choice between Italian, English, German and Spanish with the tool you prefer: direct phone calls, email, whatsapp and messenger (discover my facebook page).

As soon as you arrive in Sardinia, I will guarantee you the assistance, that distinguishes me both by phone and in person if you prefer, from the moment of your arrival until your departure.

I will support you in booking flights and ferries to and from the island, booking hotels and B&Bs, organizing transfers by car, minivan and bus, choosing excursions (both for groups and individuals), as well as for other activities such as trekking, horseback riding, jeep, canoeing, boat, sailing ship and catamaran.

If you love water sports such as canoeing, surfing, sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, deep-sea fishing and dolphin watching, I will offer you the best solution depending on where you are staying in Sardinia. If you are fond of trekking, climbing, itineraries to live by bike or enduro, and Nordic walking, contact me and I will show you the best service.

Contact me for the rental of bikes, motorcycles, cars of any category, or vehicles with driver and Nnc for private and group transfers. During your stay in Sardinia, treat yourself to unforgettable experiences such as horseback riding and golf on the best courses on the island.

I will also be able to suggest you the best personal trainers, wellness centers, spas and thermal centers to keep you fit, relax and recharge.

If you are curious about the island specialties and you want to live the experience of preparing them with your own hands in funny and engaging Master Chefs, with me you can find a wide selection of local specialists, from housewives to professional chefs.

If your holiday in Sardinia is dedicated to the study of the Italian language, contact me to find out about the different opportunities there are, either by attending classes of different Italian levels in the classroom or by living outdoor experiences such as excursions or other group activities.

If you travel with your children and do not want to miss the opportunity to entertain them with English language classes or other babysitting activities, you will have a wide range of options suitable for the needs of the little ones.

As you can see in any of these cases you find yourself, you are in the right place anyway. What are you waiting for? Don't hesitate even a second longer. Write me here and I will accompany you in the realization of your dream. Trust a local operator who can guide you and offer you what you are looking for.

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